The Film Music Network
How It Works

The Film Music Network, established in 1997, is a leading worldwide professional association of composers, songwriters, bands, recording artists and more who are seeking to place their music or compose custom music for film or television projects. One of the Film Music Network's most popular member benefits is providing leads for projects seeking music or composers, including film projects, television projects, corporate videos, music libraries and more.

One of the major benefits of the Film Music Network is NO MIDDLEMEN to filter, critique, or otherwise eliminate your music submissions from consideration. When you submit music for a Film Music Network job posting, your music goes directly to the job poster's review area. Here's how the process works:

1. Locate FMN Job Listings where your music is a good fit.

We're constantly publishing new job listings as our job research staff locates new opportunities for music in film and television. You can check the Job Listings page or sign up for our Film Music JobWire email service to be informed immediately of new job postings. Check out the postings, and if you believe your music is a good fit for a posting, subtmit directly to the job poster.

2. Submit your music directly to the job poster.

If the job poster has chosen to use our SubmitDIRECT online submission platform, you can uplaod your music directly to the job poster's review area for that job. Often, a job poster will also allow submission of additional information about yourself, such as your credits, bio, or a link to your website. For SubmitDIRECT submissions, there is a $1.99 submission fee per track with for Film Music Network members. Non-members pay $5.99 per track to submit, far below the $10-$25/track charged by some other online submission services. If the job poster prefers submissions via mail or email, as a FMN member you'll be able to get complete submission information to submit your music using the means chosen by the job poster.

3. The Job Poster reviews your music and contacts you if they are interested in learning more about you, receiving more music, or negotiating a deal for your music.

If the job poster is interested in you or your music, SubmitDIRECT makes it easy for them to email you with a single click. Job posters can also view contact information for submitters, including phone number and email. We make it easy for job posters to get in touch with submitters directly to request more music, get additional information, or negotiate a deal to use a music track.

When you negotiate a deal wtih a job poster, you work directly with them and owe us nothing for whatever deal you're able to make - we do not take any commissions or percentages on deals that result from FMN job postings.