Film Music Network Success Stories
Our members and job posters speak.

The Film Music Network, established in 1997, is a leading worldwide professional association of composers, songwriters, bands, recording artists and more who are seeking to place their music or compose custom music for film or television projects. One of the Film Music Network's most popular member benefits is providing leads for projects seeking music or composers, including film projects, television projects, corporate videos, music libraries and more.

One of the major benefits of the Film Music Network is NO MIDDLEMEN to filter, critique, or otherwise eliminate your music submissions from consideration. When you submit music for a Film Music Network job posting, your music goes directly to the job poster's review area. Here's how the process works:

"I found a perfect candidate through your network and have hired her. Thanks for a great service."
- Robert D.

"We are very pleased with the quality of submissions through the SubmitDIRECT system and plan to continue using the service for identifying quality composers and music."
- Brad H.

"Thank you again for such a wonderful service, which always brings about quality music submissions from your members."
- Teresa H.

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website."
- Richard F.

"In my opinion, your company is the best in the industry for connecting writers to producers and companies in need of music."
- Andrew B.

"Really appreciate your site and links - thanks for supporting the creative community!"
- John S.

"One of your listings in 2008 resulted in me being signed to compose music for 6 CDs for the company, from that I got placements on 3 major national commercial campaigns - thanks!!"
- Rich T.

"I signed 70+ tunes with one library through your service, and was contacted by another job poster to license some swing material for their TV series. Great contacts."
- Ron L.

"Yesterday, one of your libraries signed me to compose 10 tracks for a new lounge/elevator CD they are producing. Thanks again!"
- John R.

"I just got my third full feature today from a filmmaker with whom I've done two shorts, and slowly getting more money for each film."
- William B.

"Your service is really fantastic and the level of people submitting demos is really high - very qualified and truly professional!"
- Filippo T.

"My first ever TV placement (2 cues on an episode of an MTV series) came about as a result of a deal that I made from submitting to one of your listings last year - THANKS!"
- Barry F.

"Deals I've made through FMN have resulted in some high profile national commercials including 2 Mastercard spots - one with Peyton Manning and one with Mr. T., plus several other deals."
- Richard F.