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Discounted Movie and Event Tickets

The Film Music Network has teamed with The Recreation Connection to offer special discounts for Network members on a wide variety of movie, event and park tickets across the U.S. Here's how to take advantage of these special members benefits:

Visit the Recreation Connection site and check out what events and tickets they currently have available. Be sure to note any conditions and terms on the tickets you're interested in.

Visit the Recreation Connection site at http://www.recreationconnection.com and purchase your ticket(s). On the "Checkout" page when you're finished shopping, you'll enter your personal information and payment information.

In order for your order to be processed, you must enter the Film Music company code and your email address exactly as it appears in our membership records. At the bottom of the payment page, you will see a box labeled "COMPANY AFFILIATION." In the "Company Name" box, enter billing page, be sure to put the words "Film Music". In the "Email" box, enter your email address exactly as it appears in your Film Music Network membership records.

If you have any questions about these member benefits, please contact The Recreation Connection at
(818) 349-9820