About The Film Music Network
Frequently Asked Questions

The Film Music Network, established in 1997, is a leading worldwide professional association of composers, songwriters, bands, recording artists and more who are seeking to place their music or compose custom music for film or television projects. One of the Film Music Network's most popular member benefits is providing leads for projects seeking music or composers, including film projects, television projects, corporate videos, music libraries and more.

Additional member benefits include a free introductory legal consultation, discounted move theater and event tickets, resources including a directory of film music agents and managers, our Film Music Salary and Rate survey, and more.

For more details on the benefits of being a Film Music Network members, visit our Join Now for more information.

Below we've listed some frequently asked questions about The Film Music Network. If you have a question and it's not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Where do your job leads come from?

We employ a staff of job researchers who build and maintain relationships with music supervisors, production companies, agents, music executives and other key industry decision-makers and gatekeepers. Our job researchers have a single goal: to locate high quality film and television projects and create opportunities for our members to submit their music for consideration. These opportunities are published on our website along with as much information about the project as the job poster will allow to be published.

How does the job lead program work?

We locate and publish job leads, and you submit your music to be considered by the job poster for their project. We don't charge any commissions on your work and don't take any publishing, etc, and your music goes directly to the job poster for consideration - it's that simple.

What is SubmitDIRECT and why do some job postings include a submission fee?

SubmitDIRECT is a complete online music submission and review platform that some of our job posters choose to use to streamline the process of quickly receiving and reviewing music submissions. SubmitDIRECT allows a job poster to receive audio files for consideration without the problems caused by large audio files creating email issues for job posters, and delivers your music directly and securely to a job poster's private online review area. On jobs where the job poster chooses the SubmitDIRECT system, we charge a small submission fee (significantly discounted for Film Music Network members) to cover the cost of maintaining the system and employing our job researchers.

Unlike many other online music submission sites, we do not allow the music search process to be turned into a money-making opportunity for job posters - none of the submission fees are shared with job posters. Our submission fees help maintain the SubmitDIRECT system and pay our job researchers to find more quality work opportunities.

The choice of whether to use SubmitDIRECT is completely up to the job poster. For those job opportunities that do not use SubmitDIRECT, the client will provide direct submission instructions which are listed on our Member Job Board.

What about credits, your resume, etc?

One of the biggest injustices in our industry is when talented composers and songwriters are overlooked for jobs because of a lack of credits. We addressed this by designing the SubmitDIRECT system so that your music is the focus - job posters can always check out your resume or credits if they choose to request these for a job posting, but the focus of SubmitDIRECT is on your music and making it easy for job posters to contact you if your music is a good fit for their project.

If I'm a composer, do I have to have an agent to qualify for Film Music Network job opportunities?

No. While having an agent can be convenient, most composers whose music is used in film and TV today are not represented by agents. Our job posters are primarily interested in your music, not whether or not you're represented by an agent.

Do I have to be a member to submit for your job postings?

The SubmitDIRECT system was designed so that both members and non-members can submit for jobs. Members do receive a substantial discount on submission fees, and Film Music Network membership is most beneficial for composers, songwriters and bands who submit music for film and television opportunities on a regular basis. For opportunities where the job poster has chosen not to use SubmitDIRECT, complete submission information is available to Film Music Network members on our Job Board located in the Member's Area of our site.

How can I increase the chances of getting hired when submitting music for film and TV music jobs?

There are a number of ways, including:

Only submitting music that is on target for what the job poster is looking for - nobody wants to hear additional music that isn't a good fit, no matter how good the music may be.

On your submissions, make sure you get to the most important part of the music in the first 10-15 seconds and avoid long or meandering intros. Many job posters decide whether to listen to the remainder of a track based on the first 10-15 seconds, so make them count by using an edit if necessary to get right to the heart of the music.

Pay attention to your mix and make sure it plays well over "regular" speakers including computer speakers, consumer headphones and boom boxes. The initial review process for film and TV music is usually done in an office on a computer or desktop stereo, not in a well-equipped studio with top-quality monitors. Make sure your music is mixed and EQ'd properly to sound as good as possible through these types of systems.

Always include your contact information when you submit, and make sure you include a phone number where you're easy to reach. Many times film and TV music deals are done over the phone with a very short deadline. Be easy to reach, and easy to do business with.

Be ready to do business. Do your research ahead of time and learn how the business works. Nothing scares away a potential client than a musician who doesn't understand the common business practices of the film and television music industry or musicians with unrealistic expectations.

How do I know if my music has been listened to by the job posters?

One of the most popular functions of SubmitDIRECT is that the system automatically lets you know when your music has been listened to - this happens automatically the first time a job poster listens to your music. We designed this to specifically address the issue that many people have with their music being sent off for 'consideration' by a job poster with no notification of the results of the review process. When a job poster listens to your music with the SubmitDIRECT review system, contacting you by email or phone is one mouse click away if they are interested in learning more about you and your music or negotiating terms for a license or composing contract.

Why don't I see any major feature films listed in the job opportunities?

Probably because they already have a composer or song(s) in mind or have limited their search to the "big" music publishers. Our focus for job opportunities is on independent projects and projects where the music supervisor or filmmaker is searching for new talent including composers and songwriters they may not already be familiar with. It's long been a fact that independent films are one of the most important avenues into the film and television music business, and we have a special emphasis on these types of projects to create the most effective and beneficial opportunities for our members.

What happens if my music is not listened to?

We do our best to prevent this from happening. One of the features of our SubmitDIRECT system are the auto-reminder emails sent to our job posters on a regular basis, reminding them about any submitted tracks that have not yet been listened to for their job postings.

It's also important to recognize the ever-changing schedules and deadlines of the film and TV production business which can in rare circumstances result in a job poster choosing a submission or creating a short-list of submissions before listening to all music submitted. Also in some cases a project is delayed or postponed, or the music decision process is extended weeks or sometimes even months. In other cases, a job poster may listen to the first few tracks submitted by a composer or songwriter and move on to another submitter if they believe those tracks are not appropriate for the project or the style of the writer is not a good fit.

An important function of our job researchers is to stay in touch with job posters and make sure the music being submitted is a good fit for the job and answer any questions the job poster may have about using the SubmitDIRECT system. Our commitment to our members is to do our very best to make sure that job posters consider all music submitted for a job.

How do I cancel or change my membership?

It's easy - just visit our online member services area to change or cancel your membership, or submit a support ticket directly to our Member Services department. Our memberships can be canceled at any time online or through our Member Services department.

Who owns and manages the Film Music Network?

The Film Music Network staff is located in the USA, including our job researchers and member services staff. The organization is a division of Global Workplace Group Pty Ltd (ABN 52 081 899 121), a Sydney company located at Level 12, 95 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000 Australia. Tel +61 2 8188 6799 Fax +61 2 9475 1399 Email admin@globalwpg.com