FMN Job 5958 - Additional Composers Needed ASAP for Chinese TV & Feature Films

Film/TV scoring team is immediately seeking additional composers to join the composers team for modern Chinese TV shows and feature films. Seeking music in the style of Hans Zimmer and many modern Hollywood composers styles as they currently use a lot of Hollywood music as temp tracks. Very few projects require traditional Chinese music style.

Must be easy to work with, must be familiar with at least one major DAW and major sample libraries, must be able to work fast, Orchestra MIDI demo must sounds real as sometimes we'll use midi as final mix- the midi of composers of our current team sounds as real as a live orchestra, sometimes even better. Playing fluent guitar will be a bonus.

Please note: 
- If you are a beginner of making music on computer or you don't make music on computer, don't apply for this job;

- If you have a full time job which only allows you to spend 2 nights in a week to create music, don't apply for this job;

- If you want to keep all the rights of your work, don't apply for this job as most work are buy-out "work made for hire" by our clients, as this is pretty standard in film industry;

- If you do not want to work in a non-english speaking project or you only want to work in a US/international-release show, don't apply for this job-- sometimes our projects get International release, sometimes it's only released in China.

This job does NOT require composer to understand the language of Chinese.

Please include your bio in the "Other Details" area located at the bottom of page 1 in SubmitDIRECT.

Composers from all geographical places are considered.
Compensation: Varies due to the budget of each project; Complete buy-out (Work-for-hire)

Deadline: Ongoing opportunity

Please submit examples of your work for consideration for this position. Please include resume, bio and/or credits in the "Other Details Area" located at the bottom of page 1 of SubmitDIRECT.

Max number of music files allowed per submission: 10

FMN Member Price: $1.99 per music file submitted

FMN Non-Member Price: $5.99 per music file submitted

"We are very pleased with the quality of submissions through the SubmitDIRECT system and plan to continue using the service for identifying quality composers and music." - Brad H.