FMN Job 6136 - Music Needed Immediately For Guitar Based Compilation

Canada based music publisher and production music library is currently seeking submissions to contribute to their upcoming guitar based production music compilations.

Seeking a varied selection of guitar-based music suitable for advertising, film trailers, gaming soundtracks/trailers/promos and television placements. Submissions must be high quality productions with live instruments used whenever possible. If programmed, instruments must sound realistic.  
Composers/writers must be in full control of music copyright & masters.

Seeking a range of guitar based alternative indie rock songs with either upbeat catchy hook lines or credible sounding rock elements. Styles may vary but songs must be able to enhance a brand image positively in either a uplifting and/or “cool” way. Music must be approximately two minutes in length with 1 minute, 30 & 15 sec. edits available.
Seeking a range of commercial sounding hard driving rock songs aimed at high energy action placements with a slightly darker edge. Music must be fast paced & power driven but still musical and appealing. Music must be approximately two minutes in length with 1 minute, 30  & 15 sec. edits available.
Seeking a range of driving metal guitar hybrid pieces of music in the following sub-categories:
Music may consist of guitar-orchestral hybrids, guitar-electronica hybrids, guitar-dubstep hybrids or simply hard driving guitar mixed with another genre. The aim is to provide original sounding pieces of music for trailers, high energy, high impact scenes where the music drives the whole thing along.
Music must well written with good beginnings and endings. Please make sure that the music rises significantly to a big explosive ending or one that makes sense. Music must be approximately two minutes in length with 1 minute, 30  & 15 sec. edits available.
When submitting your work please note:
1. Music must be of a high standard & professionally recorded/mixed
2. You must be in full control of the publishing copyright as well as master recordings.
3. NO RETITLING. All compositions must be original and not already part of any other existing music library.

When submitting to this post please clearly state in the “Other Details Area” located at the bottom of page 1 of SubmitDIRECT which category of this post you are submitting for.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Negotiable, exclusive deal. 50-50 split on licensing and sync fees.
Deadline: June 7, 2019 unless selected before this date and the job is closed early.

Please submit examples of your work for consideration for this position. Please include resume, bio and/or credits in the "Other Details Area" located at the bottom of page 1 of SubmitDIRECT.

Max number of music files allowed per submission: 10

FMN Member Price: $1.99 per music file submitted

FMN Non-Member Price: $5.99 per music file submitted

"We are very pleased with the quality of submissions through the SubmitDIRECT system and plan to continue using the service for identifying quality composers and music." - Brad H.