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Online music library with a large roster of well known clients is currently seeking new music to add to their catalogue for placement in reality shows and other licensing opportunities such as corpora... (Job 1945)

Music supervisor is seeking instrumental music immediately for a reality TV series. This is a fun show focusing on two amateur contestants competing at designing/remaking a room to be decided by a gro... (Job 1944)

Australia based music library is seeking to add new composers to the roster immediately. The library's advertising work has contributed to brands such as Toyota, Mini Cooper, Huawei, Shell and Tissot.... (Job 1943)

Experienced film and TV composer seeks additional composers and suspense music to license immediately for film projects. The first project is a documentary feature - will consider hiring composer a... (Job 1939)

Canada based music publisher and production music library is currently seeking submissions to contribute to their upcoming guitar based production music compilations. Seeking a varied selection of ... (Job 1938)

New York based music library is seeking new music immediately for placement. The licensing co provides audio brand strategy, music supervision, music licensing and custom music in songs or score for u... (Job 1937)

Canada based music library and publishing company is immediately seeking new music to add to their library for placements. The company represents some of the top production music composers in the worl... (Job 1936)

Successful UK based music library, represented around the world, is seeking to add composers to its roster for an extremely busy schedule. Their clients are most interested in these genres: World ... (Job 1934)

Busy East coast production company is seeking a composer and/or instrumental music immediately for a feature documentary about popular weight loss and diet programs used over the past 30 years. T... (Job 1932)

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website." - Richard F.