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California based music library is seeking music for immediate placement with its high-end roster of motion picture studios, television networks, production companies, music supervisors, ad agencies, r... (Job 1798)

UK based music publisher and production music library is currently seeking submissions to contribute to an upcoming film score compilation. Currently seeking a varied selection of “classy un... (Job 1797)

CA based production company is immediately seeking jazz or blues tracks for one of the leading US health care providers 8 minute corporate video. Tracks can be contemporary or traditional jazz/blues. ... (Job 1796)

California based production company is seeking instrumental music immediately for multiple corporate videos about sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Seeking music that feels seriou... (Job 1794)

Los Angeles based indie filmmaker is seeking a composer immediately for a feature film. The film is billed as a dramedy, but it is very dark. The film is about a reformed opioid addict, convicted of a... (Job 1793)

Canadian full service music production co. with a large list of clients is seeking music immediately for a TV series. The company has worked with this TV series for multiple seasons. Immediately seeki... (Job 1792)

California based production company is seeking instrumental music immediately for a sci-fi style reel. Think: house/home shows, futuristic buildings, family oriented, and international music. Comp... (Job 1791)

Busy California based full-service multimedia and video production company is seeking instrumental music immediately for industrial corporate videos. Seeking piano and strings. Think light hearted "fe... (Job 1790)

CA based indie director is immediately seeking instrumental background music for an animated short film. This is a beautiful love story that ends in a tear-jerking tragedy. Seeking a soft, classy, sen... (Job 1785)

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website." - Richard F.