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New York based boutique TV production company is immediately seeking a composer for a TV pilot on a major network and 2 other projects . They are seeking a versatile composer to work on all projects. ... (Job 2006)

Los Angeles based music licensing company with an upcoming project with a large TV network is seeking composers and music producers to deliver new music. Seeking to deliver a large volume of music, th... (Job 2005)

San Francisco based director is urgently seeking a "dark, moody score" for indie horror feature film currently in post production. Will consider licensing existing music or hiring a score composer. ... (Job 2004)

CA based busy music library is seeking music immediately be made available to a high-end roster of motion picture studios, television networks, production companies, music supervisors, ad agencies, ra... (Job 2003)

UK based music publisher and sync library is seeking composers to contribute to a new compilation that consists of epic dreamy pop and experimental rock to be aimed at upcoming placements in advertise... (Job 2001)

Full service music library with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Canada is immediately seeking seasonal Holiday and Christmas tracks in all genres for placement in various projects. This library f... (Job 2000)

East coast based film and video production company is seeking music immediately for a hunting/fishing/outdoor living store's local TV and online ads. Seeking music for 2 different ads. The first c... (Job 1997)

British Columbia based music licensing company is seeking rock and classic rock music and/or bands immediately for a TV series starting at the end of October. Seeking Instrumental and vocal tracks. ... (Job 1994)

Los Angeles based independent production company is seeking a composer and music to license for a feature length comedy horror film. The film is loosely described as a spoof on Cujo, only with killer ... (Job 1992)

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website." - Richard F.