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UK based busy music library is immediately seeking production music composers and musicians with experience writing for reality TV and documentaries. The library has a long list of music placemen... (Job 2024)

East coast boutique music library is immediately seeking unique music from composers, independent bands and artists to be added to their online music catalog for use in TV, film and online promos. ... (Job 2023)

Los Angeles based music publishing/licensing company with numerous TV placements is immediately seeking instrumental music for placement in TV shows. Specifically seeking the types of music used in po... (Job 2022)

Canada based full service production company is seeking instrumental music immediately for a corporate video. Seeking upbeat music with acoustic guitar, not too metallic/twangy. Please no hard rock. ... (Job 2021)

Busy LA based commercial music company is seeking new composers immediately to offer independent production contracts. Seeking composers and musicians that possess a creative sensibility, have the pro... (Job 2020)

Busy trailer music library is seeking fresh, new music immediately for placement in trailers, promos, and commercials. Compositions should be approximately 1:00 - 2:00 minutes in length (no less than ... (Job 2019)

Washington based video production company is seeking a rock track immediately for a 45 second website video. The video is for a non-profit organization that provides programs and resources that engage... (Job 2018)

Los Angeles based director is seeking a score composer and/or music to license for an independent comedy feature film. Synopsis: 40 something year old Frankie has begged his wife to let him purch... (Job 2016)

East coast boutique production, post-production and creative services company is seeking instrumental music immediately for use in a non-profit educational promotional video. Seeking upbeat, dramatic,... (Job 2015)

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website." - Richard F.