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California based production company is seeking music immediately for a series of wildlife conservation videos to be placed on an educational video resource/library website. Seeking instrumental music ... (Job 1995)

British Columbia based music licensing company is seeking rock and classic rock music and/or bands immediately for a TV series starting at the end of October. Seeking Instrumental and vocal tracks. ... (Job 1994)

Busy Los Angeles production company is seeking jazz music for a feature trailer. Seeking new, old and smooth jazz styles. Please only submit instrumental music for consideration. Music must be ava... (Job 1993)

Los Angeles based independent production company is seeking a composer and music to license for a feature length comedy horror film. The film is loosely described as a spoof on Cujo, only with killer ... (Job 1992)

Los Angeles based music supervisor is seeking music immediately for an independent feature length horror/thriller film. Seeking dark, scary, tense instrumental music for placement. Music should give y... (Job 1991)

Busy trailer music library is seeking romantic comedy and family music immediately for placement in trailers, promos, and commercials. Family music should be upbeat, positive, friendly, fun, simpl... (Job 1990)

East Coast video production company is seeking instrumental background music immediately for a set of educational/developmental videos for preschool children. The program focuses on reading and math s... (Job 1989)

California based independent production company is seeking a composer and/or music immediately for an animated comicbook adaptation. This is a 4-part series and will be distributed in the US and inte... (Job 1986)

International music library is immediately seeking music in all genres for current release in film/tv market. Music should be of highest production value in lengths including 0:30 seconds, 0:60 second... (Job 1985)

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website." - Richard F.