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East coast based full service production music library is seeking music with and without vocals immediately to be placed into their streaming service. This company is a globally-recognized provider of... (Job 2065)

Canada based production co. is seeking music immediately for a new series of web videos that are also aired on cable and syndicated TV shows. A major corporate sponsor is involved. Seeking music th... (Job 2064)

Busy film/TV composing team working worldwide is immediately seeking composers to write additional music on various upcoming film/TV projects. Seeking film score type music in varied genres. Applicant... (Job 2063)

Seattle based production company is seeking a composer and/or music immediately for a documentary feature film. The film is about parents that vaccinate their children vs. parents that don't. See... (Job 2060)

California based director is seeking a score composer and/or music to license immediately for an independent feature length film. The film is about a retired professional hitman. Seeking a moody... (Job 2056)

UK production music library with international distribution in over 35 countries is seeking "quirky, weird and different" tracks suitable for film/TV and advertising. Seeking various types of music... (Job 2048)

"Since last November, I have signed over 150 tracks to music companies and productions as a result of your website." - Richard F.